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Instructions for Completing the Documentation Form

The form is divided into several easy steps to capture as much evidence as possible for the evaluation of your report.  The basic critical items are marked as required, but remember that the Committee can evaluate only what has been submitted.  While a good photo of a Red-faced Warbler may be self-explanatory, your observations and discussion of the ID may be critical to providing solid evidence for many other records.

  1. Enter details of your sighting
  2. Add photos or audio files
  3. Verify and edit your information
  4. Be sure to mark the checkbox as complete when you are satisfied.  The committee may contact you about any incomplete documentations that have been orphaned for at least a month.
  5. Submit your record

Other helpful hints:

  • At the end of each step, your information will be saved and available for editing. You may leave at any point (save first!) and return to finish your document which will be found in "My Documentations".
  • Your documentation is not available to the committee until you have checked that it is complete.
  • You may edit a completed document up until the CBRC Chair begins to process it.