Documentation of Curve-billed Thrasher

Observer Information

Reporter:  Sue Riffe  96 Antelope Dr.,   LYONS, CO  80540-9023
Other Observers:  This bird has been seen by lots of birders over this summer. I was the only observer this morning.

Species, Date, Time and Location Information

Species:  Curve-billed Thrasher
First Date/Time:  7/11/2022 6:10:00 AM
Last Date/Time:  7/11/2022 6:15:00 AM
Duration (total time in view):  5 minutes
County:  Larimer
Specific Location:  Location Not Listed
Number:  1
Age:  Adult
Sex:  Unknown
Plumage:  Breeding


Northcentral Larimer County in altered grass habitat for grazing. The bird was seen on a fence line at the end of a driveway with grasses and some ornamental junipers.

Viewing Conditions

Optics:  Swarovski 8x32 binoculars
Distance:  15 yards
Light:  partly cloudy just after sunrise, 63 degrees, 10 MH winds

Description of the Bird

Age/Plumage – This bird was an adult in alternate plumage with warn feather tips. 

Behavior – The bird was actively searching for breakfast from the railing of a wooden fence. I watched it for about 2 minutes until it flew into the juniper near the end of the driveway. It didn’t catch anything. Only one bird was seen. 

Calls - none heard

Finder – not sure

Similar Species Discussion

Sage Thrasher – Bill was longer and decurved vs shorter and mostly straight, buffy spots on chest vs white with dark stripes, and no white in chin vs white.

Northern Mockingbird - Bill was longer and decurved vs shorter and only slightly decurved, black and straight, buffy spots on chest vs pale and no spots, brown vent vs white vent, brown overall vs gray above and light below, tail down or in neutral position vs often cocked in the NOMO.

Brown Thrasher - Bill was longer and decurved vs shorter and mostly straight, buffy spots on chest vs clean white with brown stripes, cool brownish gray vs rich reddish brown overall.

Resources Used

I referred to the National Geographic Guide and the Sibley Guide.

Previous Experience

I have 83 sightings on eBird. I see this bird many times each year. However, this was my first time in Larimer County!



Date Documentation Submitted

7/13/2022 1:04:00 PM
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