Documentation of American White Pelican

Observer Information

Reporter:  Jessica Nash   
Other Observers:  I was the only one there;

Species, Date, Time and Location Information

Species:  American White Pelican
First Date/Time:  4/19/2010
Last Date/Time: 
Duration (total time in view):  2h
County:  Fremont
Specific Location:  holcim wetlands near Florance Colorado
Number:  25
Age:  Unknown
Sex:  Multiple Birds - Mixed
Plumage:  Other/Unknown

Description of the Bird

there was a flock on a mound, some were swimming around; approx 30 birds. Looks like there were both male and female, some breeding, along with adult chicks. They were mostly sleeping/resting. I have pictors if you would like
Behaviors: sleeping/ resting some swiming around. When I sppoked them started to fly but soon landed and was not intersed in me.
Call: don't know
Plumage: black speckled head yellow tuff white

Similar Species Discussion

I saw on another wet page and saw they had seen the same as I had

Resources Used

National Geographic birds to western north america

Previous Experience

just what I read


Notes made DURING observation

Additional Information

Comments: threr was also white face ibis, pleggadis chihi, sand hill cran, and two other birds that I don't know what they were. About half of the trails were closed do to breeding birds. I am sorry that I can't tell you what birds they are. I do have pictors if you would like to see them.
Time: 1430-1630
Other Dates:
Nearest Town: florance
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10/23/2011 7:09:00 PM