Documentation of Black-throated Blue Warbler

Observer Information

Reporter:  Bill Maynard  1390 Farnham Pt. # 205,   COLORADO SPRINGS, CO  80904-5215
Other Observers:  Brian Gibbons
Mark Peterson
Tony Leukering
Brandon Percival
kara Lewantowicz; Brian Gibbons caught, banded, and identified this individual

Species, Date, Time and Location Information

Species:  Black-throated Blue Warbler
First Date/Time:  5/20/2006
Last Date/Time: 
Duration (total time in view):  5 minutes
County:  El Paso
Specific Location:  Chico Basin Ranch Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory Banding Station
Number:  1
Age:  Unknown
Sex:  Male
Plumage:  Other/Unknown


captured in Russian olive thicket at the banding station

Description of the Bird

Warbler with distinctive bluish back and tail. Face and throat black. Belly white. flans with black bar. Wings with white handkerchief. Legs dark.
Undertail white.
Behaviors: Motionless, resting comfortable in Brian Gibbons hand, supporting a metal USFWS band, possibly size "0".

Also seen one hour later, still supporting the USFWS bracelet, at the "wet spot" or "fort" to the west of the "Eagle Grove" at Chico Basin Ranch foraging at midlevel
Call: none heard
Plumage: alternate

Similar Species Discussion

No other species has this coloration and pattern

Resources Used


Previous Experience

I worked two summers on Isle Royale National Park where this bird was common where I was



Additional Information

Comments: Cool bird. Surprised at how quickly bird moved away from where it was caught and banded.
Time: AM
Elevation: unknown
Other Dates: none
Nearest Town: Fountain
Independent Observers: Brian Gibbons caught, banded, and identified this individual

Materials Available

Photographer: bill maynard

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Date Documentation Submitted

7/17/2006 1:30:00 PM
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